Bottle shop

Our BYOB bottle shop has a wide variety of carefully selected alcoholic beverages.
You might come across that special bottle — wine selected by a sommelier, or a limited-edition whisky.
Bottles purchased at the shop can be enjoyed at Makibi San-an.
* Available only at Makibi San-an.
* A corkage fee (4,000 yen) is charged separately.


A Varied Line-up of Alcoholic Beverages

Select from the various kinds of drinks offered by GRN Co., Ltd., the bottle shop’s operating company: wine carefully selected by sommeliers, whisky selected by blenders and sake carefully selected by sake specialists.

Limited Edition Bottles

We sell limited edition whisky that can be obtained only from Saburomaru Distillery, the only whisky distillery in the Hokuriku region.


Their single cask scotch whisky that was released in the past and sold out on the first day. Their world-first whisky warehouse business focusing on Japanese whisky has been attracting whisky fans, breathing new life into the Hokuriku region.

Saburomaru Distillery

Saburomaru distillery produces whisky using heavily peated malt according to the traditional production method. Mongolian oak grown in Toyama Prefecture is used for some of the whisky barrels, promoting the creation of a regional recycling society.

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